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Awesome People Like You

My Clients Are My Marketing Team

Peter is a godsend. He really cares that his clients are well served and that he is helping them.  I’m grateful that I found Peter and I’ve referred him to my friends.

Lorna Kaufman, Ph.D.

Smart Kid, Can’t Read Co-Founder and Author

Peter is highly knowledgeable, very personable, smart and persistent like nobody’s business, a complete professional, he gives great advice, and his rates are more than reasonable. As my issues required increasingly unorthodox solutions, he backed everything up at every turn. When I despaired, he did not.

Mark Schafer

Senior Lecturer of Spanish at UMass Boston

Peter is just lovely. A natural educator who is patient, kind, and who is totally committed to his clients. I always look forward to our sessions.

Sandy Gordon


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