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About Me

For over seven years, I have utilized my background in education and love of technology and people for clients such as Apple, Inc., Physician’s Computer Company, and The LevelUp. My professional travels have brought me into the fields of Public Education, Customer Service and IT Support, and Healthcare. Whether I working for the City of Boston or a hot startup, I always relished opportunities to share my passion for the transformational nature of technology with others and realized how few people like me who enjoy both technology and people there are. Continuously driven by curiosity, I would frequently leave work to tinker at home with the latest technology or fiddle with various design work that I did for fun. I started to realize that I needed a job that would allow me to utilize all of my skills and that it was difficult to find a 9-5 job that would be interested in supporting my growth and that I was having more fun working at home working than I was at work.

So bridging my passion for working with people, technical expertise, and unique background in education, I struck out to start my own consulting business. I believe my skills and personality make me uniquely suited to serve my clients and provide exceptional services to those in need.

“Peter is highly knowledgeable, very personable, smart and persistent like nobody’s business, a complete professional, he gives great advice, and his rates are more than reasonable. As my issues required increasingly unorthodox solutions, he backed everything up at every turn. When I despaired, he did not.”

Mark Schafer

Senior Lecturer in Spanish, UMass Boston

Enough about me. How about you?

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